• Track Top Adventure

    on the F1 circuit in Bahrain

  • A mobile structure

    in a shopping mall in Switzerland

  • Another mobile park model

    in Switzerland

  • The first ever aerial mobile park in Africa

    Nairobi (Kenya)

  • Maintenance

    is ensured thanks to our professional and ceritifed technicians

  • Climbing walls:

    a winning bet

  • The Free Fall:

    another activity

  • A choice of more than 200 differents games

  • Zip lines

    Fun and thrills!

  • Greenfriendly

  • Our priority : Security first

  • Using metal poles

    Milandia Parc in the Zürich area (Switzerland)

  • Using wooden poles

    Payerneland in Switzerland

Combining pleasure, personal challenge, self-confidence, physical exercise and adrenaline while creating outdoor, safe and memorable moments, this is what we offer you through operating an aerial park.

ALPARQ is a provider of aerial parks operated on a franchise basis.

As an entrepreneur, please take few minutes to go through our website and realize that such a project is:

Different from what you have achieved to date.

Certainly innovative in your city or your region.

First and foremost designed for young people and their families while being very much appreciated by all generations.

Environmentally friendly.

Pleasant to manage.

Complementary to other existing or to be created activities (hotel, restaurant, sports center, etc.).

While being a real business opportunity!

Do you wish to realize a successful new project?