ALPARQ boosts its presence on social networks

Already active on Facebook and LinkedIn since 2016, ALPARQ has recently reinforced its social media profile through comprehensive presence on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

In this digital age, offline visibility tends to be driven by online visibility, rather than the other way around.

ALPARQ has fully embraced this modern reality in its digital strategy. Indeed, the company now enjoys a dynamic presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The Instagram page (#, features visuals and videos that bring alive all the latest news from ALPARQ. These are complemented on the #ALPARQ hashtags, by news releases, updates and further creative visuals developed by our marketing team.

Via Twitter, we keep you abreast of up to the minute news briefs and visuals covering ALPARQ’s progress and achievements around the world.

With 1.5 billion active users per month, YouTube was perhaps THE platform for which securing a prominent and proactive ALPARQ presence was a clear priority.

Accordingly, the site now features an extensive set of in-house produced videos and mini-series. Some, such as “Good News”, introduce the latest ALPARQ news and progress while others focus on key facts, reports and developments affecting the aerial leisure park sector at large. We look forward to welcoming you on our ALPARQ YouTube channel.

All ALPARQ’s social media resources are designed to provide the in-depth information needed to acquire a thorough knowledge of our company as well as the vibrant aerial leisure park business in general and the ongoing opportunities it presents. We hope they will inspire you to follow us, contact us – and stay regularly in touch.


The ALPARQ team