Aerial Adventure Park, Kenya, officially opens its first facility in Nairobi

Our partner company in Kenya, Aerial Adventure Park, has recently acquired a mobile aerial leisure park supplied and installed by ALPARQ.

Following an initial three-month phase, during which the facility provided a popular attraction for the public visiting Nairobi’s Yaya Centre shopping complex, the ALPARQ aerial leisure park has been moved to a more permanent installation in the nearby Karura Forest.

Especially conceived for children aged between four and ten, the attraction offers a choice of nine different games, each designed to develop motor skills, balance and self-confidence through play and healthy exercise.   

Securely equipped with harnesses and helmets, young visitors are free, individually or in groups, to experience a new open-air experience, in harmony with nature, for their own enjoyment and pleasure as well as the delight of their parents.   

Indeed, enthusiastic feedback from the public, provides compelling evidence that the new park is wholeheartedly appreciated by parents and their offspring alike, both of whom welcome the opening of this exciting new attraction in the Kenyan capital.   

In the words of one of the first visitors – who accorded the park an appreciation rating of 5 out of 5 – the mobile aerial leisure park represents “a totally new concept in Nairobi! My 7-year-old daughter tried it during the weekend and really loved it! The set-up is very professional as well as the safety equipment“.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page of our Kenyan partners which features all the latest news as well as tutorial videos on how to derive the maximum fun and benefit from the facilities on offer as well as generally enjoy the park safely – a key consideration at the forefront of ALPARQ’s success.

The ALPARQ team