ALPARQ inaugure son premier parc sur le sol africain

Aerial Adventure Park, Kenya, officially opens its first facility in Nairobi

Our partner company in Kenya, Aerial Adventure Park, has recently acquired a mobile aerial leisure park supplied and installed by ALPARQ.

Following an initial three-month phase, during which the facility provided a popular attraction for the public visiting Nairobi’s Yaya Centre shopping complex, the ALPARQ aerial leisure park has been moved to a more permanent installation in the nearby Karura Forest.

Especially conceived for children aged between four and ten, the attraction offers a choice of nine different games, each designed to develop motor skills, balance and self-confidence through play and healthy exercise.   

Securely equipped with harnesses and helmets, young visitors are free, individually or in groups, to experience a new open-air experience, in harmony with nature, for their own enjoyment and pleasure as well as the delight of their parents.   

Indeed, enthusiastic feedback from the public, provides compelling evidence that the new park is wholeheartedly appreciated by parents and their offspring alike, both of whom welcome the opening of this exciting new attraction in the Kenyan capital.   

In the words of one of the first visitors – who accorded the park an appreciation rating of 5 out of 5 – the mobile aerial leisure park represents “a totally new concept in Nairobi! My 7-year-old daughter tried it during the weekend and really loved it! The set-up is very professional as well as the safety equipment“.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page of our Kenyan partners which features all the latest news as well as tutorial videos on how to derive the maximum fun and benefit from the facilities on offer as well as generally enjoy the park safely – a key consideration at the forefront of ALPARQ’s success.

The ALPARQ team


ALPARQ intensifie sa présence sur les réseaux sociaux

ALPARQ boosts its presence on social networks

Already active on Facebook and LinkedIn since 2016, ALPARQ has recently reinforced its social media profile through comprehensive presence on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

In this digital age, offline visibility tends to be driven by online visibility, rather than the other way around.

ALPARQ has fully embraced this modern reality in its digital strategy. Indeed, the company now enjoys a dynamic presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The Instagram page (#, features visuals and videos that bring alive all the latest news from ALPARQ. These are complemented on the #ALPARQ hashtags, by news releases, updates and further creative visuals developed by our marketing team.

Via Twitter, we keep you abreast of up to the minute news briefs and visuals covering ALPARQ’s progress and achievements around the world.

With 1.5 billion active users per month, YouTube was perhaps THE platform for which securing a prominent and proactive ALPARQ presence was a clear priority.

Accordingly, the site now features an extensive set of in-house produced videos and mini-series. Some, such as “Good News”, introduce the latest ALPARQ news and progress while others focus on key facts, reports and developments affecting the aerial leisure park sector at large. We look forward to welcoming you on our ALPARQ YouTube channel.

All ALPARQ’s social media resources are designed to provide the in-depth information needed to acquire a thorough knowledge of our company as well as the vibrant aerial leisure park business in general and the ongoing opportunities it presents. We hope they will inspire you to follow us, contact us – and stay regularly in touch.


The ALPARQ team


ALPARQ inaugure son premier parc au Moyen-Orient

The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) officially launches the first aerial leisure park to be designed and built by ALPARQ in the Middle East

We are delighted to announce that the Track Top Adventure, the first aerial leisure park of its kind to be built in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was recently opened at an official ceremony held on 17th November, 2017, in the distinguished presence of Mr. Arif Rahimi and Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa, respectively President and CEO of the BIC, and Mr. Pascal Schneiter, CEO of ALPARQ.

ALPARQ is both proud and honoured to be associated with the BIC in the realisation of this landmark initiative, which further enhances the range of quality attractions available for both residents of Bahrain and the many tourists who visit the Kingdom each year.

Featuring a challenging and invigorating course specifically designed for teenagers and adults, complemented by a special circuit suitable for young children, the Track Top Adventure offers wide family appeal. A few pictures offering a brief glimpse of the new attraction, which extends BIC’s already comprehensive leisure outreach and renown throughout the region, may be viewed here.  

Further details, notably with respect to the associated investment opportunities proposed by ALPARQ, can be found in the dedicated article published by the online media outlet, DT News – News of Bahrain.

All at ALPARQ take this opportunity to express their warmest appreciation to the BIC for the excellent collaboration we have enjoyed and benefitted from throughout the design and construction phases of the Track Top Adventure. We extend our heartfelt best wishes for every success and fulfilment with this superb initiative.  

For daily news and regularly updated information on the Track Top Adventure, visit the BIC website – and the BIC Instagram page.

Check out also the ALPARQ Instagram page and generally tap into our rapidly growing social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

In particular, you are cordially invited to immerse yourselves in the world of ALPARQ by viewing, liking, sharing and commenting on the beautiful video that is available in different language versions from the links below. We greatly value your support and feedback.

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